Sponsor Benefits

Serving hundreds of fundraising professionals, nonprofit executives, board trustees and community leaders each year throughout the three states and beyond, AFP-NNE represents a wide cadre of organizations, including higher education, health care, the arts, and social services. Members and participants also represent a wide range of experience, from those who are new to the profession to senior non-profit leaders and consultants.

Sponsors include financial institutions, wealth management firms, attorneys, accountants, financial planners, direct mail and print businesses, event planners, event venues, retirement communities, constituent relationship management system developers and support businesses, prospect researchers and grant writers, donor recognition vendors, planned giving and fundraising consultants and experts and other businesses and individuals interested in showcasing their expertise or products to a sophisticated audience that works closely with people of means.

Benefits of Sponsorship

In addition to demonstrating your commitment to positive, effective, and ethical philanthropy, sponsoring an event or program through AFP-NNE provides many benefits to the sponsor, including the following:

  • Broad exposure of your brand to over 500 fundraising professionals, nonprofit organizations and philanthropists: may include video clips, signage, email and website placements, handouts about your business, the opportunity to meet and engage potential clients, and booth placement

  • Recognition by philanthropic donors and the large, non-profit sector that your business supports ethical and professional engagement of the community

  • Depending on the event or program sponsored, regular inclusion in the chapter e-newsletter, sent to thousands of interested non-profit leaders and volunteers

  • Brand placement on the AFP-NNE website, through emails, and on-site at events, showcasing your business among decision-makers likely to hire your services

  • Vendor opportunities to personally engage with development professionals, board members, and others who represent potential buyers or clients for your firm

  • Signage and handout opportunities at events

  • Hosting opportunities at the two conferences, enabling your firm to get top publicity and to circulate among potential clients

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kristen Welch, CFRE, at [email protected].